C A N C E L E D - SAST Autumn meeting- Stockholm 2020-11-12

Medlemsbrev #2 2020
Inget digitalt SAST den 12 november

Det fanns planer på att hålla ett digitalt SAST-möte den 12/11. Eftersom vi inte hunnit få till ett möte av den kvalitet som vi hade hoppats kommer vi att ställa in detta möte. De som betalt anmälningsavgift kommer att få den återbetald.

Som väl är har SAST i Göteborg dragit ihop ett magnifikt program till en digital SAST redan på torsdag. Det är helt gratis.

Läs mer om detta gratisevenemang nedan och passa på att gå in och anmäl er direkt!

Digitalt SAST den 5 november (nu på torsdag)!
Welcome to SAST virtual conference 2020!

Due to COVID, the Swedish Association for Software Testing (SAST) is going virtual this year! The conference includes an impressive line-up of speakers, including esteemed professors Lionel Briand and Andreas Zeller, top of their respective fields, who will do keynotes during the day. The conference will also include some incredible workshops and as icing on the cake, the program also includes talks from industrial practitioners. So, if you want to learn more about current best practices as well as state-of-the-art in testing, do NOT miss out on this event!

Signup: https://www.meetup.com/en-AU/SAST-Vast/events/273804572/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/fKMYfojqCd0
ZOOM: https://bth.zoom.us/j/67523661240

09.00 Prof. Andreas Zeller - Language-Based Software Testing
10.00 Jonn Lantz, technical leader and specialist in Agile software development,
"Transforming Volvo Cars - from fossil dinosaur to digital product"
11.00 Erik Sternersson, Enterprise CI Architect specialist, doWhile - "Transforming Volvo Cars software testing - from unstructured to structured"
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch break
13.00 - 14.00 Testing in practice
14.00 - 15.00 Workshop - Asking powerfull questions (Parallel)
14.00 - 15.00 Workshop - Web testing challenge (Parallel)
15.00 Prof. Lionel C. Briand - Effective Use of AI in Automated Software Testing: Practicality and Scalability Benefits

SAST styrelse

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C A N C E L E D Theme: "Shift Happens - Learn new way of thinking and make a difference in the future organizations"

Today´s organizations are facing a new paradigm shift. Flexibility is no longer enough to deal with unpredictability, constant change and complexity. Organizations are moving from agile to Shift left, a mindset that unites DevOps and operations in a common value chain. The aim is to remove all old stereotypes about operation and production, create conditions for maximum delivery speed and break traditional silos with the help of autonomous feature teams.

In the Shift left approach, quality has the highest value and we see major changes in test and QA work. The traditional testing activities prevent organizations from delivering value and quality in line with their wishes, which in turn increases the need for new skills and technologies. We strive for systems that are linked to each other, are smart and have a coherent purpose. Therefore, agile teams need to take overall responsibility for end-2-end and business processes that cut through several systems. To create intelligent and integrated systems, the entire organization needs to shift its focus.

During this conference we will share experiences around the mindset "Shift left" and talk about how it affects testing and QA in the near future. We share tools for creativity and innovation and provide an overview of the need for skills to continue to be attractive under constant changes.

The program is coming up soon and it includes presentations in English & Swedish.
Previously planned program will be adjusted depending on current speakers. All workshops have been canceled.

There will be an afternoon conference this time.

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Meeting via zoom
The link to the meeting will be presented on the website on November 12, the same morning as the conference. You may need to download the Zoom applikation.


No new registration is required.

Responsible for the meeting

Ylva Ocklind at sast.nu (meeting project manager)
Jörgen Damberg at sast.nu (responsible for speakers matter)
Jonas Hermansson at sast.se (responsible for speakers matter)
Anna Odhner at sast.nu (responsible for participants matter)
Ülker Kaymakci at sast.se (responsible for evaluation of meeting)
Jekaterina Arsalani at sast.nu (sponsoransvarig)
Gun Ström Hagenfeldt - gun at sast.se (responsible for registration)
Parisa Andersson at sast.nu (webbansvarig)

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