SAST Stockholm Q4 2018-11-22

Tema: Defects and Innovation

Welcome to the day with a lot interesting talks, workshops and exciting discussions about defects and innovation!

Defects are usually experienced as something bad and difficult to handle. They're just growing! But keep in mind that many innovative solutions came from something which was wrong. Many of the amazing tools we have on the test market today came from the need to find defects faster and manage them more efficiently!

Do not miss the opportunity to share with your colleagues how do you work with defects and innovation at your company! Bring your own 20 minutes speech to the afternoon session of Q4!

This time SAST meeting will be taken in English. Let's meet!

This time where will be no presentations available for sharing.

08:00 Registration
08:50 Introduction to the day
09:05 Workshops pitch
09:15 “A look into the mind of a hacker” by Linus Särud, Detectify
Linus started ethical hacking when he was 14-years old and discovered severe security vulnerabilities in Google applications. This also opened the door for him to share his knowledge by contributing IT security articles to IDG. Today, at 19-years old, he works as a security researcher and technical content specialist at Detectify. In his daily work, Linus is conducting extensive security research, managing Detectify Labs and coordinating with 150+ ethical hackers handpicked to collaborate with Detectify. If there's anyone who can give you an inside look into a hacker's mind, it's this guy.
09:45 "From an Antagonist to a Protagonist" Ronn Elfors Lipsker, AddQ
For the last 15 years Ronn has worked as a consultant - and has extensive experience from helping companies in their change processes. He has met over 2,500 executives whom he trained in change management. He has a background as an actor and director - skills that he frequently uses in his seminars and programs. He is also a well-appointed lecturer.
10:15 Fika
10:45 ”Success story about automated regression test where cooperation between business and development works – BDD at AMF” by Sebastian de Bachtin and Mikael Waldenmark, AMF
Mikael and Sebastian have more than 10 years of experience from working with TDD, BDD and test automation. Together with domain experts and experienced testers they have created a solution where domain experts develop automatic acceptance tests using their own domain language.
11:15 “How to Implement a Zero Bug Policy” by Yassal Sundman, Crisp
Yassal is a team coach consultant and teacher working at Crisp. She enjoys the day to day work of interacting with people and helping them discover better ways of working. Her background as a software engineer helps her understand the challenges faced by development teams. An eternal optimist, she's sure that one day every team will successfully implement a zero bug policy.
11:45 “ Business, Xperience and Technology in the near Future” by Alfred Guirguis and William Larsten, Claremont
12:15 Lunch
13:15 - 14:00 LEGO workshop by Jonas Hermansson and Anna Odhner, Inceptive Forum about Future by Jörgen Damberg, Claremont Crash course in Docker by Johan Bäckström, Claremont Predictive Analytics built in your Functional Testing Solution by Bruna Tosi, Micro Focus Bring your own 20 minutes speech
14:15 - 15:00 LEGO workshop by Jonas Hermansson and Anna Odhner, Inceptive Psychological Safety by Morgan Ahlström Crash course in Docker by Johan Bäckström, Claremont Predictive Analytics built in your Functional Testing Solution by Bruna Tosi, Micro Focus Bring your own 20 minutes speech
15:00 Fika
15:30 Sponsors of SAST Q4
15:45 "When right becomes wrong. The effect of digitalisation on people" by Tomas Bendz, Timetraveller
With a MSc in Business Administration and Economics together with 12 years of international experience working for companies such as SAS, Goodyear and Media Markt, Tomas have a deep experience of business development & transformation, sales & marketing strategies and how to conduct a turn around. Throw in curiosity as to how things work and are made, a burning desire for humanity and development of people and digital awareness, a digital must know how and a deep understanding of where we are heading and what our future will look like and the challenges we as humanity have to solve, starting right now.
16:30 Wrap-up the day, see you in 2019



Bonnier Conference Center
Torsgatan 21, STOCKHOLM


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