About SAST

SAST was formed the 1995, by Anna Docherty (f. Eriksson) and Sigrid Eldh. It was formed to create a forum where the members can exchange experiences and knowledge within software testing. Our main idea is to mediate knowledge within software testing as well as the neighbor disciplines. SAST is an association for anyone interested in the testing skill set and the increasing interest for the area has made the member count increasing as well.

During EuroSTAR in Stockholm 2007 an article on the history of SAST was published. You can read the article here (pdf)

Four times a year SAST is arranging full day seminars for the members. Presenters from all over the world are invited to share their knowledge.

SAST is a non-profit organization and all board members work without payment. The prize for the meetings equals the cost of arranging the meeting and the presenters are paid by the meeting sponsors. If you have any questions about our association, don?t hesitate to ask anyone in the board ? or drop an email to webmaster at sast.se

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