SAST Stockholm Q1 2019-02-14 (Fully booked)

Theme: "Trends in testing: Continuous, Automation and AI"

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Testing methodologies, -technologies and expectations are changing. Work tasks and testing efforts are increasingly automated as well integrated into development processes. Is artificial Intelligence on its way into testing as well? We will look at current trends in the testing domain pertaining to automation, cloud development aspects, continuous integration, -deployment, model based testing and AI as well as how the tester's role is changing.

Join us for this full day of views into different aspects of modern testning concepts and trends!

Presentations will be in English.

08:00 - 0900 Registration and coffee
09:00 Short presentation SAST board
09:10 AI and machine learning. Programming vs. training. How to teach computers to do things that the programmer can't by Cecilia Burman, Svea Ekonomi
AI and machine learning, what is it? We can now for the first time train computers to figure out how to do things that the programmer doesn't know how to do. How can we test if not even the programmer knows what result to expect? In this overview of machine learning and AI we look at how machine learning works and how it may fit into a system under test.
10:00 Using visual models to boost your test automation by Tomas Rosenqvist and Johan Rönnlund, AFA Försäkring
In this session, we'll show how we've combined the explanatory power of visual models with tried-and-true software patterns such as Fluent API design and Page Objects to get a test automation solution that can be understood without digging through the code, where the documentation is always up-to-date and accessible and where you spend less time writing test cases.
10:45 Coffe break
11:15 The path to successful frameworks for test automation by Ludwig Östlund, Lemontree
Automated frameworks for testing: experiences, trends and governance. What is the key to success and how to achieve excellence.? Challenges, possibilities and experiences in developing and maintaining test automation frameworks for API, E2E and GUI-testing will be presented. The presentation will be based on the experience of more than a decade of automated testing different application with automated tools integrated into a joint common framework. What has changed the last couple of years and how do the automation frameworks need to adjust due to changes in the IT-market in general.
12:00 Lunch
13:00 The cloud journey that made expansion possible and how testers needs to transform from a outsider perspective by Lezgin Bakircioglu, Daniel Wellington
Daniel Wellington has, in just a couple of years, grown to be a multi billion watch business with global presence both online, offline but also on a wide logistics and distribution system. The presentation will outline the technology journey, the architecture, automation and the framework to have everbody aligned on how to measure this. What has, and still is important during this growth and transformation - testing. You will hear more about the thoughts on why, from somebody that is not working with testing, an outsider.
13:50 How the safety of autonomous vehicles affect software testing by Kristina Price Bergkvist, Volvo Group
Vehicle safety aspects in transportation is due to obvious reasons a vital part of development. Autonomous vehicles are also entered into the transportation system on an increasingly higher scale. How are those systems verified and what are the expectations? ISO 26262 is the standard for Functional Safety in road vehicles and is considered best practice in the automotive industry. Volvo Group has decided to comply with it as a mean to achieve safety in the automotive products of the future. Part of the standard concerns software development and this talk will focus on the requirements it puts on software testing and test cases.
14:30 Coffe break
15:00 From idea to end user ? faster and with better quality by Kristian Karl, Spotify
The presentation will outline how a team at Spotify takes a product idea the entire way to their end users and beyond. This includes: planning, story and task breakdowns, coding, testing, deployment and maintenance. The walk-through may be unique for the specific team, but is internally at Spotify shown as the vision of successful implementations.
15:50 Continuous and DevOps, adding quality to the mix by Jan Sahlström, AddQ
There is a lot of talk about Continuous and DevOps and the death of testing (again). The role of the tester might change with the faster and heavily automated approach to development and operations but the need for testers still exists. The presentation is based on actual experiences and will de-mystify the planning and execution of the quality work within a Continuous/DevOps organization.
ca 16:30 Summary

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