SAST Vårmöte/ Spring Meeting 2020-03-19 (Stockholm)

Theme: "Shift Happens - Learn new way of thinking and make a difference in the future organizations"

Today´s organizations are facing a new paradigm shift. Flexibility is no longer enough to deal with unpredictability, constant change and complexity. Organizations are moving from agile to Shift left, a mindset that unites DevOps and operations in a common value chain. The aim is to remove all old stereotypes about operation and production, create conditions for maximum delivery speed and break traditional silos with the help of autonomous feature teams.

In the Shift left approach, quality has the highest value and we see major changes in test and QA work. The traditional testing activities prevent organizations from delivering value and quality in line with their wishes, which in turn increases the need for new skills and technologies. We strive for systems that are linked to each other, are smart and have a coherent purpose. Therefore, agile teams need to take overall responsibility for end-2-end and business processes that cut through several systems. To create intelligent and integrated systems, the entire organization needs to shift its focus.

During this conference we will share experiences around the mindset "Shift left" and talk about how it affects testing and QA in the near future. We share tools for creativity and innovation and provide an overview of the need for skills to continue to be attractive under constant changes.

The program includes both presentations and workshops in both English & Swedish.
Workshops: Manual registration in the place!

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Agenda with reservation to changes


08.15-08.40 Registration
08:40-08:50 Introduction of the day
08.50-09.30 "Shifting Left - Stories from Real Transformation Projects" (EN)
Christer Engman, Lemontree
09.30-10.00 "Introduce the value of modelling to test automation" (EN)
James Walker, Curiosity Software -Ireland
10.00-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-11.10 "Test i design thinking" (SV)
Jonas Hermansson, IT-HUSET
Auditorium Room Hela världen
11.15-12.00 "Testing Gripen E – Test Automation and Exploratory Testing" (EN)
Ph.D. Mårtensson Torvald, Saab
11.15-12.00 "Model-Based Testing: From Zero to Automation in One Short Workshop!" (EN)
James Walker, Curiosity Software -Ireland
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-13.30 "Augmenterad Testning och AI" (SV)
Ph.D. Michel Nass, Blakinge Institute of Technology
13.00-13.45 Workshop:"Maturity Assessment – How continuous is your organization?" (EN)
Christer Engman, Lemontree
13.30-13.50 "Död åt enhetstesterna" (SV)
Amanda Johansson, AddQ
Workshop: "Maturity Assessment – How continuous is your organization?" (fortsätter)
Christer Engman, Lemontree
13.50-14.10 "Testautomation som stöd till DevOps" (SV)
Henrik Sundström, Avega
13.50-14.10 Workshop: "Test i design thinking" (SV) - PASS 1
Jonas Hermansson & Gunilla Lindestreng, IT-HUSET
14.10-14.30 "A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Automated GUI Robustness" (SV)
Mårten Sjö, Avega
14.10-14.30 Workshop: "Test i design thinking" (SV) -PASS 2
Jonas Hermansson & Gunilla Lindestreng, IT-HUSET
14.30-15.00 Coffee break
15.00-15.10 Sponsors's time
Lemontree & C.A.G
15.10-15.30 "How much third-party Java dependencies do you really need?" (EN)
Professor Benoit Baudry, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
15.30-15.50 "AI for testing" (Language:TBD)
Professor Karl Meinke, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm
15.50-16.10 "Testning i produktion - Vad det är, och vad det inte är" (SV)
Jan Sahlström, AddQ
16.10-16:50 "The ACT Framework - how to scale continuous testing across the enterprise" EN
Gerta Sheganaku, Tricentis - Austria
ca 16:50 End of SAST-Spring Meeting

Meeting sponsors


Bonnier Conference Center
Torsgatan 21, STOCKHOLM


Registration opened 2020-02-03
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Ülker Kaymakci at ulker @ (evaluation responsible)
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